Somewear- Global Satellite Communication HotspotSomewear-worlds first two-way Satellite Communication Device

Somewear A global satellite created by Somewear labs is the all-new communication satellite device you want to know all about. This device is aesthetically designed to properly fit in your pocket and a satellite communication hotspot that brings your friends on every adventure. This Global Hotspot helps connect your Smartphone directly to satellite networks and reaches 100% global coverage extension. You can stay in touch, informed and safe through the Somewear satellite device. By pairing to the hotspot you can interface and ingress relevant information or intelligence using the Somewear App.Somewear-worlds first two-way Satellite Communication Device The Somewear App provides a great user-friendly experience and also aims at focusing on ensuring to reduce the cost of using Satellite Data. The Somewear device is incompatible with the other satellite-based devices, it proposes a two-way communication. The Somwear App lets you chat with any number over your phone, or email a particular number on your contact list. The onboard GPS makes the procedure even easier, thanks to it, as it enables the location specific for every message sent. Live Internal tracking is also offered by the Onboard GPS so that your journey is no more complicated and made exciting so that your family and friends can follow you on the journey. Somewear Keeps you alert and aware of the local weather, its indispensable it is designed in such a way that it signals distress anywhere in the world and will always be with you.This device also taps into local networks to ensure that you’re informed about the disparaging events around you. Thanks to this advanced technology, it simply helps in the moments when things change. Somewear is the first two-way satellite communication device. It is an extraordinary device that comes with an SOS button through which you can receive a secure anywhere in the world. The Somewear device actively includes a 24/7 SOS monitoring provided by GEOS World Wide. If your phone is available, the Somewear App allows you to get in touch with emergency response to give additional background on the emergency. Apart from the repose of a more reciprocal SOS, this also helps terminate unnecessary and inefficient rescues. To get the sureness of 100 percent global coverage, a Somwear data plan is a must. The data plan comes with three anticipated options: Plan 1- 15$/mo for 20 satellite messages with 160 characters, Plan 2- 25$/mo for 75 satellite messages with 160 characters, Plan 3- 50$/mo, unlimited satellite messages with 160 characters and also an off of 10% for the first 6 months of data is provided. Somwear Global Hotspot reaches a 100% Global Coverage through Iridium, it is an IPX7 waterproof device to 1M for 30 mins and operates the temperature up to – 4-degree F to 140-degrees F. Its the worlds first smallest 2-way communication device that lets you connect to any phone number, email from your personal contact list, provides Interval Tracking and location sharing to make your journey an exciting one, allows you to download maps and provides 24/7 weather reporting conditions and local alerts.

Somewear-worlds first two-way Satellite Communication Device


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