Meet plen cube your Worlds First Portable Personal Robot created by PLEN Goer Robotics, its three inch’s the size of your palm, it is your multipurpose companion with lots of fun and intuitive features and a powerful processor, microphone, speakers and comes with a smart camera and automation skills which can notify your messages, email, social notification shows information on weather, schedule, reminders and even play music when you like, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth enabled. The Plen Cube secures devices and gives you information from the web when needed. It Captures moments in High definition HD image and video with its smart camera and gives a 360 panoramic view and instantly share photos on social media. The Plen Cube’s interface is advanced and can be activated and customized without the need of touching it. The Plen Cube Uses Computer Vision Technology and installed software with facial and speech recognition which is amazing. The Plen Cubes Design is beautiful with charm and personality and comes in amazing colors, the Plen cubes is one of its kind, convenient and easy to use and can be controlled with simple voice and gesture commands. It is an intelligent personal robot.


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