Why is one of our feet bigger than the other?


Why is one of my feet bigger than the other?

You probably noticed that when you buy shoes and the man measures your feet, one foot is bigger than the other. Since one foot does not do any more work than the other, why should this be so? why is one of the feet bigger than the other?

It is related to the fact that our body is “asymmetrical”, that is, it does not consist of two identical halves, right and left. You can see this for yourself in many ways. If you look at your face in the mirror, you will notice that the right half of your face is more developed than the left. The right cheek is more prominent, and the mouth, eye, and ear are moulded with greater precision.

The same applies to the rest our body. The legs are not equal in strength and dexterity. The heart is on the left side and the liver on the right, so that internally the body is not exactly balanced. The result is that our skeleton develops in a slightly unbalanced way.

Now, this slight difference can have a tremendous effect on how we do things. The uneven structure of the body causes us to walk unevenly. The result is that when we cannot see, as in a snowstorm, a fog, or when blindfold, we will walk in a circle. The same is true of animals, whose body structure is also uneven. And if anyone were to drive a car blindfolded, he would end up driving in a circle, too!

When we come to the question of right-handed and left-handed people, we run into something curious. 96% of all people are all right-handed. But this is not due to the asymmetry of the body, it is due to the asymmetry of the brain. The left half of the brain controls the right side of the body and vice versa. Since the left half of the brain predominates over the right half, this makes the right half of our body more skilled and makes most of us right-Handed!


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