First Cave Men!

Cave Men

The Initial cavemen, living 1000’s of years ago, assembled caves and rock shelters his home. In actual fact, some of the initial cave inhabitants did not even look like people living today.

These were the Neanderthal people. The brain of these Neanderthal men was as large as modern man’s. but they had rough faces with heavy ridges over their eyes. These men were only a little above five feet in height and could not stand as straight as men do today.

These “cavemen”, or cave-inhabitants, were not good housekeepers. Anything they failed to need, they left on the ground of the cave. Over thousands of years, this mass of rubbish assembled and typically stuffed the caves.”.

Huge Frightful Caves!

The caves were large, dark, and frightening. The early Men lived within the mouth of the cave where they were protected from rain, snow and wind while not going into the darkness deep within the cave.

During the last part of the geological period, Cro-magnon men, folks that looked very similar to individuals living nowadays, began to get into Europe. Like the Neanderthals before them, they lived within the mouths of caves. Although there have been no longer abundant caves for all of them, these early men made tents and underground houses to live in.

Remarkable Cave Paintings!

But there were not enough caves for everyone, so some made tents and underground houses to live in. “These are the men who created the renowned cave paintings found in southern France and northwestern European country.

These paintings are quite remarkable. They’re full of existence and power, and. Show some of the animals- those cave dwellers hunted. such as the bison, the bear, the wild boar, the mammoth, and also the rhinoceros.


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