The First Zoo!

A zoo is short for “zoological garden”. And a zoological garden is a place where living animals are kept and exhibited.

Why do we keep animals in Zoos? The foremost reason is that everyone is interested in animals. An additional reason is that scientists are in a position to absorb many significant things by observing living animals.

The initial zoo we know anything about was commenced way back as 1150 B.C. by a Chinese ruler, and it included a great variety of birds, fish and deer in it. It certainly was closed to the public. but it was kept for the entertainment of the ruler and his court.

As it costs a lot of money to bring together a zoo and manage it. Zoos in classical times were congregated and maintained by rulers and a man of noble ranks. Some of these rulers had plenty of collections of remarkable fish, birds, and animals of all kinds.

Some Of the Famous Zoos Around THe World!Zoo

The initial public zoological garden in the world was started in Paris in 1793. This was the famous Jardin des Plantes. In it were a botanical garden, a museum, and animals.

The later famous zoological garden to be initiated was in 1829 in London in Regent’s Park. Then came next the Zoological Garden in 1844 of Berlin. This became one of the supreme and pre-eminent in the world.

In this country, we have many zoos. In Bedfordshire, at Whipsnade Zoo, living animals from all parts of the world expand, free to roam, in the surrounding countryside, fenced in only for protection sake. Other popular zoos are found at Bristol and Edinburgh.






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