The History Of Skating! Skating

Man has been skating in one manner or any other for more than 500 years.

Ice skating is a lot older than curler skates because roller skates go back best to the eighteenth century.

Wheeled skates were used at the roads of Holland approximately 200 years in the past, and we can not truly know who was the first to make them or use them

A man in New York called J.L. Plimpton invented the four-wheeled skate in 1863. It worked on rubber pads and these were skates that really made this sport popular.

Roller skates a Favourite Sport!

The next development was roller skates with ball bearings. The wheels of roller skates were first made of turned boxwood, but the edges of the wooden wheels broke too easily. Soon wheels were made of hard composition or of steel. Roller skates races have remained a favourite sport with young people.

Ice skating! Skating

Ice skates go back beyond the sixteenth century. “At that point, the Norsemen bound runners made of bone to their feet and skimmed over the icy surfaces.

Iron runners were next used in skating. followed by the steel runners of today. In early days. The skate-runner changed attached to the foot through leather-based thongs.”.. Later, skate was clamped to the shoe. In the modern skate, the blade is permanently attached to the skating boot.



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