Far back in period, before the man could write, was a period of time referred to as stone age. Man did not begin to write until about 5,000 years in spite of living on the earth for at least 500,000 years. So the period before written record covers a very long time.

As man learned to make stone tools during this period, it is known as the Stone Age. The early stage of it is called the Old Stone Age.

Stone Tools

The initial kind of stone tool that was designed was presumably a big stone snicked so that it had a pointed cutting edge all around. Scientists have called it a “hard axe”. Splinters pinned off pieces of stone were also used as tools. The hand axe and the splinters, or chips, were effective tools that man kept making and using for thousands of years.

Subsequently, in the Ice Age, there were natives living in Europe who were named Neanderthals by scientists. The Neanderthals had higher quality tools than the natives who had lived in the classical days, and they hunted in groups instead of alone.

After the Netherlands then arrived the Cro-Magnon men. These men were a more ahead in the development process. They had all kinds of tools. Spear points, harpoons, scrapers, and knives. They, too, lived by hunting.

Begining of the New Stone Age

Around 6000 B.C., there emerged a drastic reform in man’s way of life. he learned to grow crops. this pronounced the origination of the Neolithic or New Stone Age.

Men used animals as a source of food and the skins for clothing. Men kept groups of built homes, animals, and soon initiated to make new concepts that were not found in Mother Nature.

Clay could be moulded into dishes and bowls. On baking the clay it could be used for cooking food. Wool and flax could be twirled into yarn. As men worked together, villages and then cities bloomed. And from these originations, all that we call civilization came into being.



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