Audi E Bike

Electric Bicycles (E-Bike) Of The Future

Audi E-bikeAudi E Bike Electric Bicycles

Audi the Iconic car manufacturer has released its new lightweight Electric Bicycles. Audi’s Dealership with Italian motorcycle maker Ducati has been a boom and it’s ready to take the E-Bike’s to the next level. The Audi e-bike comes with a carbon fiber body designed for lightweight and high-power with the speed of 80 km/h and weighs 1.6kg which is an improvement for an electric bike. It has five different cycle mode pure, peddle, Egrip, power wheelie and balanced wheelie. The braking system is designed in Germany with 2 carbon fiber Hydraulic disc brakes which cost 800$.

The Audi’s Electric Bicycles gearing system is a 9 speed hydraulically Actuated gear shift which focuses on precise shifts, and custom carbon fiber wheels with full suspension carbon fiber frame. The Display Touch Screen shows the speed, Distance covered Battery and angle and also has an Android Smartphone App. The locking system locks the rear wheel and also has an alarm when someone tries to steal this 25,000$ E-Bike.

Bolt m1Bolt m1 Electric Bicycles

Monday Motorcycles smart and fully electric bike the Bolt M1 also known as ‘Tesla of electric Bikes’ is designed for great performance and has enough power to climb any hill. It is not a motorcycle it’s an Electric Bicycles. You can switch to sports mode for off-road use and accelerate to 40 miles per hour its electric motored and battery powered, with style and attitude and very low maintenance.

The Bolt M1 has two Lithium-ion Batteries for longer charge time and power storage. The Bolt M1 is an environment-friendly E-Bike and can ride all day with no difficulty. It has a well designed Retro look and costs around 5,500$ to 6,000$.

Luna Cycle ApexLuna Cycle Apex Electric Bicycles

Luna cycle apex the high power torque sensing Electric Bicycles with the new generation Bafang Ultra Max Drive which comes with a 2500w Crazy Controller. The Luna Apex Cycle comes in three sizes small, medium and large with carbon fiber rims which cost 600$ and the net price of the whole bike is around 6500$ which includes a one year warranty of 700$. On trail riding, this e-bike can ride up to a 40-mile range on single time battery charge which is awesome.

The battery is a custom fusion 52v28ah with the Samsung 21700 battery cells for Highest Quality Power. The Luna Cycle Apex also comes with a Carbon Fork 120mm full suspension which is hand built in the USA. And the total weight of the Luna Cycle Apex is 65-75 pounds which are decent for an E-bike.

Greypo G12SGreypo G12S Electric Bicycles

The Greypo G12S Ebike second generation of the G12 which is stylish with cutting-edge technology and designed to combine the best of both worlds Motorcycles and Bicycles with the unique user experience. The Greypo G12S is Fingerprint activated and the Thumb can Load you into the street mode, Middle finger activates the power mode which is awesome, and this is a future upgrade in the Electric Bicycles world. Its interface provides information on speed, consumption, range, battery readings, temperature, and much more.

The Greypo can speed up to 70km/h without any assistance from the rider and can reach up to 120 km of range with a single battery charge, it comes with a Lithium-ion Battery cells (1.5kwh) capacity and can be charged from 0 to 100 percent in 80 minutes. The braking system is consists of a Regenerative breaking power of 2kw which is amazing. The Greypo G12S can be whatever you want it to be, the rugged design can withstand jumps, downhill rides, and rough surfaces and weighs 48.5 Kg with carbon fiber body panel for a lightweight E-bike.

Black Trail BT-01Black Trail BT-01 Electric Bicycles









The black Trail BT-01 by PG Bikes which is one of the world’s most expensive electric bike (Ebike) with the staggering price Tag of 80,000$ is made up of complete lightweight carbon fiber, Aerospace Aluminum (which is used in the making of airplanes), titanium and magnesium. And only 667 limited pieces of this beautiful E-bike are there in the world.

The Black Trail BT-01, it comes with no suspension and speeds up to 65mph on 1.2 Kilowatt motor in its 44-pound lightweight frame. The 17Ah battery is a Lithium-ion r which comes in a Leather Cloud Battery pack and can travel distance up to 120 miles on a single 2.5-hour charge, its design is beautiful and unique with a clean mobile drive system and is an amazing electric bike.


A Swiss Marvel the STROMER ST2S is an exceptional E-Bike with the coast of 10,000$ which can be used as an Urban Racer and a Commuter Bicycle. The STROMER ST2S is an ultralight dynamic lightning bicycle that responds to power breaking, five levels of power regent and regenerative braking; it is lighter than the standard STROMER ST2 which comes with an ergon grip, saddle and carbon fork. It is inspired by TESLA.

The Electric Bicycles is a Forward Aggressive Body Position bicycle with advanced pedal assist with the speed up to 28mph (45K/ph) and can travel max range distance up to 120 miles (193 km) on single battery charge time which is 5 hours, the battery is a lithium ion Samsung battery. This E-bike carry’s a digital interface with Touchscreen which displays Omni cloud mobile App, system statues, location tracking, lock and unlock which is amazing, the total weight of the STROMER ST2S is 26.08kg (57.5 lbs), it is a beautiful bicycle.


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