Radar LED Watch that scans the Skies, Launched by Tokyo FlashTokyo Flash Radar LED Watch


Tokyo flash one of the world famous watchmakers has launched Radar LED Watch a clever piece that scans the skies, displaying the time with an extensive shaft of light that flash over the watch face. The watch has a set of exclusive LEDs which is present right behind the glass that blinks when you raise the watch to look at the time or tap a side button. It is characterized by an absolute USB-rechargeable motion and a mineral crystal with silk-screen cross-hairs and markers. It features two-time modes, date, alarm, and is USB rechargeable.TokyoFlash Advanced Radar LED Watch with Exclusive LEDs is shipping now for $189.


The Uniquely Shaped Stainless Steel Case DesignTokyo Flash Radar LED Watch

Conscientiously developed, this watch is perfectly designed and well balanced.  With a clean finish and lustrous detail on the bezel and buttons, a crosshair motif is marked in the upper right Conner. The watch comes with a fully adjustable stainless screen, nylon or leather wristband with a choice of blue or green display. The LED light shafts display hour and minutes at a glance. The beam which is lit by light shows the hour and the flashing beam of light shows the minutes. It has a warranty of one year, with a rechargeable battery and a light up animation which can also be turned off and also with a minimum unit size of 150mm (approx).



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