Introducing SnapChat Spectacles Version 2.

SnapChat Spectacles Version 2– Hand-free Camera Glasses. SnapChat is back with Version 2 of Spectacles, It’s sunglasses Camera. This time around their water-resistant, they take photos as well as videos. The case is a lot smaller. so you’re more likely to bring them around with you.

Snap Chat only sold about 220,000 pairs of its old spectacles, as they were just kind of hard to have around. But even though they are still, in a yellow bright case. the case is a lot smaller it’s more like purse fitting. it doesn’t quite fit in your pocket. But its definitely easy to bring around. The case also charges the glass four times.

What you’ll notice when you put on the glasses is that the little bump in the back where all of the hardware is housed is a lot smaller. It makes the glasses feel lighter and more natural. When you put them on you actually feel quite comfortable. And with a little touch of the button on the upward left side, you’ll see that the white ring of lights comes on signaling that you’re recording. If you tap and hold you can actually take a video instead of just a picture when you tap once.

SnapChat Spectacles will now come in a much natural set of colors- a deeper blue, a SnapChat Spectacles Version 2deeper red, and deeper black. Instead of the crazy teal pastel colors like last time. And that means you’re a lot more likely to actually want to put them on your face. SnapChat has put a lot of work into fixing the pairing process. Instead of a QR code now you just press and hold down on the button while in the pairing mode in your SnapChat app, and they instantly pair together. Now all you do is hit the import button, and it will download all your snaps of your spectacles over Wi-Fi.

The quality is really high and the downloads happen real quick, about four times quicker than the time it took to download HD from Spectacle version 1. The spectacles shoot a video in a circular format, so no matter which way you turn your phone, it’s always full screen.

SnapChat Spectacles claim that they can last almost a week with regular usage, and you won’t have to download all of your snaps to your phone. This makes it nicer, as you can leave your phone at home and just travel around with your specs. It’s great if you’re going to the beach or somewhere wet where you might not want to get your phone wet. The specs can actually video and photo underwater. There’s nothing super revolutionary about Version 2 of spectacles. but they improve on so many of the pain points from V 1. People can actually record more content as it is always with them. It helps, maybe not just in the business side, but actually to get more interesting content. SnapChat Spectacles Version 2 is 150$ and they’re available through SnapChat’s Website and App.

The SnapChat Spectacles V2 Version comes with a higher built quality. The yellow case is only about 1/3 smaller, so you can take it anywhere you want. The specs feature a better hard and come with enough memory and battery to capture and record a number of photos and videos over a week.


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