Slightly Browning Fake Plant

Everyone loves plants but not everyone one knows how to take care of them and that’s a fact. But common fake plants just don’t cut them. Fake plants today look really good. No asymmetric, no broken stems, not a single brown leaf, totally unconvincing and the solution to this is  slightly browning Fake plant. These fake plants are high standard lookalikes of satisfactory-standard plants.This is a frontier in fake plant technology. It is driven by perfection. It is a truly innovative product. Introducing the most compelling dummy plants on the market by SBFP.


2 Week VacationSlightly Browning Fake Plant

It is a truly innovative product first of it’s kind. 2 Week Vacation is a first class top quality and redefines replication. The 2 week vacation exquisitely replicates a Nephrolepis exaltata popularly known as “Boston Fern” . 

Tremendous efforts where put in to produce a perfectly replicated product like 2 week vacation to the market. However after months of commitment and focus, the company SBFP finally managed to convince the manufacturers to produce this exquisite product. And the final results was at its best.

Comparing a 2 Week Vacation to a real Boston Fern, you’ll be truly impressed. 2 Week Vacation conveys an unreal similarity to the Boston Fern with regards to both slight browning and also maintains a certain level of withering of plant. They are almost identical.

There’s also an expansion in lineup with the products like First Apartment, Suck-Ulent, Palm Sunday.






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