Robo Bug

This Robo Bug (2018) Walks and Moves Like A Real Insect.

With a step into the Future Tokyo Tech from Japan have Created Robo Bug and in fact, has the very exact patters of a real-life bug which has given a way for researchers to build and create real-life patterns for Robots. The Robo bug shows Development and motion’s which was not programmed and expected by the creators.

Which walks Like a Real Insect

There are multiple patterns which it Imitates Which helps in moving Like a Real Insect, different than each other and create a real-life insect movement. the main pattern sends a signal to the analog arrays and this is then caught off by the oscillators that move’s the legs of the robot. Robot Bug walks like a real insect with the help of the controller which compress elaboration into some number of parameters which can set the motion, speed, and posture. Now engineers can create robot’s with real-life movements and feel which can help in many fields’s and also have the capability to create a real moving motion of a human robot.

Robo Bug




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