QooCam- Interchangeable 4K 360° and 3D Camera

We all have our own journey and choose our own path, each with the unique story share. Capture all your adventures and more with QooCam. QooCam is the revolutionary 3D Stereo and 360 Degree Camera to unleash the way you shoot. QooCam is the first camera in the world equipped with the STATE Of The Art Rotatable 3 Lens Camera. Allowing QooCam to not only record 360-degree or 4K videos, but also 3D STEREO Videos.

QooCam comes with equipped SHAKE-FREE TECHNOLOGY, so you can capture PERFECTLYQoocam SMOOTH STABILIZED Pictures and Videos. QooCam’s Unique Switchable Structure allows you to effortlessly change modes to easily adapt whatever the day brings.

For every exploration, destination or experience you share, this camera will capture all your most memorable moments. Even at 120 Frame Per Second or amazing effects, shoot freely with QooCam. No matter how you position the camera, QooCam will capture. it comes with 3D STEREO Lenses and the ground-breaking Depth Base Technology. you can even refocus and re-frame the photos after you shot them. The editing app allows you to use incredible technology, to not only discover the best shot but enhance them to the next level.

Innovative Features.

QooCam is made particularly of long-lasting classic full metal, engaging quality techniques and advanced design. This provides a professional look to it. It records your adventurous journey for a surprisingly long time than expected out of its compact size. The 3D pictures and videos you capture using this innovative camera can be shared and viewed in 2D or VR headset.

It enables Live Stream 360-degree Camameric or 180 degrees 3D space any timeQoocam anywhere. It enables USB connection when Wi-Fi is not available. It’s an easy and simple way to record, edit and share all your 360 Degree and 3D moments all in one place. It uses the most Cutting-Edge Imaging Technology. It comes with Space-Grade Aluminium Alloy. Repacking incredible professional features in a small camera. Giving you a powerful revolutionary way of thinking. You can explore the possibilities with QooCam The Next-Generation Imaging.


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