About PlayStation 4 Update 5.55 

PlayStation 4 Update 5.55 is now accessible to download on your console. The latest firmware upgrade for PlayStation 4 is 460.1 MB, and the patch notes does not really include much detail.

The PS4 system software upgrade 5.55 comes with the following changes.

Sony Interactive Entertainment has released PS4 update 5.55, This system software update boosts the system performance.

New factors are not on board, but you can look ahead to the usual upgrades.The system performance of the console is being improved- as per the official records of change stated by Sony Interactive Entertainment over the net.

The previous top-tire update for PS4 was version 5.50, which brought about some completely new features.

This included improved changes to Quick Menu, Play Time Management,  and PS4 pro super-sampling.

The PS4 games witnessed some numerous updates this week. This includes Assassin’s Creed upgrade to 1.43, making some modifications to the Discovery Tour Mode and the main campaign. Also the Fortnite Upgrade 4.4 landed with various bug fixes and performance modifications.

You can still find  the PS Plus May 2018 games which are free for subscribers. you can get Rayman Legends, Beyond Two Souls and other games before they expire at the beginning on June.



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