Apple’s iPad 9.7 2018

apple ipad 9.7Meet The New iPad 9.7 From Apple which Operates like a computer, with a 9.7 inch retina display It can be used with touch, keyboard or a pencil and starting coast price is at 329$, it has some amazing features than the other I-pads. Apple IPad 9.7 is 7.5mm thin, light, durable and Available in silver, space gray, and gold, AIO fusion chip is engineered for great performance and can use multiple apps at once. Augmented Reality (AR) is designed from display to cameras, Ipad and AR combination makes apple I-pad 9.7 significant.  New iPad 9.7 From Apple has a highly intuitive onscreen keyboard inteApple I-Pad 9.7rface which connects with any Bluetooth keyboard. Apple Pencil can easily and efficiently write notes, paint a water color with ease, comes with many other features and can also support page numbers and key notes. camera features is excellent for an apple Ipad with an 8mp camera and 1080p HD Video Recording, front and back and also can scan documents using (AR) which is amazing. Apple has added some amazing features of advanced technology, simple to use in Ipad 9.7 including fast wireless connectivity, Wi-Fi and LTE support, multi touch gestures, assistive features for vision, hearing, motor, skills, learning and literacy  and keeps al files safe and organized. Fingerprints can be used to unlock security with touch ID. Apple IPad 9.7’s battery life can last long up to 10 hours on a single battery charge. This is one of the exciting releases from apple in 2018.




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