Lishtots TestDrop- Water Quality Measuring ToolLishtots TestDrop Water Quality Measuring Tool

Water is absolutely a necessary source of life. It is the most indispensable element needed by every human. Communities are built around water, its a basic need of mankind. Due to our lacking basic structure, our water is adulterated and mixed chemicals enter the water streams which is hazardous to health,  and the same water is consumed on a daily basis by a large group of the population and there’s no one to stop such damage. However, our advanced technology today has developed the all-new water quality measuring tool, known as TestDrop introduced by Lishtot, that detects the water quality in seconds before you Lishtots TestDrop Water Quality Measuring Tooldrink, and measures the check of toxic chemicals, harmful pesticides, E.coil and lead. Water from rivers and streams, bottled water and tap water can be tested through this all-new testing device. Lishtots mission is to emulate water information and help customers around the world to compare and detect water problems. Lishtots TestDrop is a  tiny device that examines the electric field to quickly determine if water is safe to drink and ensures that the water is free from toxic chemicals, strips, micro fluids. This entire thing works on the electromagnetic fields that surround everything. Local field created by water is measured by moving the Test Drop through it and it also transpires that clean water releases somewhat different field than water with lead or chlorine in it, water with diffuse of animal matter along with others. Test Drop comes with a replaceable battery that lasts for years. It helps to detect even tiny amounts of lead and protein swiftly and with 100 percent validity and no false positive or negatives.

This tiny device introduced by Lishtot instantly checks if the water is drinkable or not.The Lishtots TestDrop Water Quality Measuring Toolintelligibility and potency of TestDrop let you compare clean and contaminated water. By pressing the testing button and moving the TestDrop device upward it indicates through blue and red lights if the water is clean or contaminated. Blue indicates clean water, while re on the other hand indicates contaminated water. by just examining the electric field around it TestDrop instantly tells you if the water is safe to drink.




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