The Light Phone 2

Light Phone 2

Light Phone 2, the new version of the light phone created by Joe Hollier and Kaiwei tang, with a few added features is still a simple phone, it is a light 0S modified Android and supports 4G LTE. Available in black and white matte display which is made up of the E-ink screen. This device has some basic tools like messaging, alarm clock, ridesharing, and Directions. it is a simple communication device to contact and send messages. Light phoneLight Phone 2 2 connects to 4G LTE, Wifi, and GPS and weighs up to 80g. The light phone 2 has been made to be easy and not complicated and heavy as the smartphone. Two buttons are fixed on the right side of the phone up and down to make functions simple and easier. It has a microphone, speaker, USB port and proximity sensor and a nano sim card compatibility. The battery of the light phone 2 can go up to 5 days standby with single battery charge. Light Phone 2 makes it simple.




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