Vaunt Smart Glasses By IntelIntel's Vaunt Smart Glasses That Look Normal

Displays Information Projected Onto Your Retina

Meet the new Intel vaunt smart glasses by Intel which is designed to look and feel like normal glasses but is not, it looks like a screen, the advanced and intuitive features displays information which is being projected onto your retina, it uses retinal projection to focus a display in your eyeball which is incredible. This is a step into the future thanks to Intel. The Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses has no camera, LCD Screen, Speaker or Microphone which is all available in any other smart glasses and weighs at 50g; this is because of Intel’s new innovative design which will help the smart glasses to add more amazing features and functions. The Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses comes in many styles, work with mixture and can be worn with ease and looks like a normal glasses, you can watch YouTube, check your email or browse through information and people won’t even know it.Intel's Vaunt Smart Glasses That Look Normal Intel is working to give us the best suitable interface which can be used with Great Fun. Some of the advanced features include Bluetooth to communicate with your phone; app processors and sensors. The display disappears if you prefer not to look at it. Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses displays messages, directions, and notifications and includes talking control from an app. The Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses has features of a smart watch as well as a phone which can show you incredible information of our daily activities. Vaunt Glasses are made to be custom-fit to give you the best results by associating with your retina. The Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses includes (AR) Augmented Reality and the hardware contains a low powered laser, which uses a holographic grading text embedded into the lens to display on the retina. Intel’s deliverance of the Intel Vaunt Smart Glasses will shape the future


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