Genki Instruments Wave Ring- A ring that lets musicians control sound with hand movements.


Genki Instruments Wave Ring-The next Generation technology for music is here! Wave ring Which controls sound created by Genki instruments is a Wearable MIDI controller which plays and modify’s sounds as it is created.

Genki instruments wave ringWave Ring works by setting a specific sound or function to a specific gesture on keyboard’s, guitars and drums and also changes music as we create. Move the wave ring vertically forreverb, roll it for delay or use the horizontal axis for filtering which also allows performing in multiple ways by sending command with the motion of the hand. Genki Instruments Wave Ring three easily accessible buttons give you additional control so you can stay in flow with the music, modify or change sounds, without taking your hands off the instrument which is amazing, it gives immediate feedback through powerful vibrations and you don’t have to be a professional to use wavering. It comes with intuitive features where it can work with music app’s, including Logic and can play music in mid-air which is cool and also has Bluetooth connectivity.

Genki instruments wave ring Genki Instruments Wave Ring costs nearly 200$ which is worth with the things it can do. It is a wearable device with a microcontroller, a ring that permits you to direct sound, shape effects and shoot commands with the movements of your hand. Wave is used to create a drum flow on your mobile and is also used to record live audio.


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