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Eli Zero Electric Car: A lot of people see electric vehicles as a thing that’s considerably great for getting around town, but not taking on long trunk roads. Well, in that case, Neighborhood Electric Vehicles (NEVs) move in. These NEVs are designed notably for small, leisure, low-speed short journeys. And the all-new Eli Zero Electric Car is one of the forefront latest innovation to hit the scene. Simple yet ahead, This car is the future generation of unique vehicles. This futuristic car was created by re-imagining Personal Vehicles and is made for everyday short trips.

Eli Zero Electric Car









For High-Frequency & Local Transport Solution.

Personal public transportation should be uncomplicated, easy-going, more quick-moving and less impertinent. Future cars should increase social involvement rather than suppressing them. Eli Zero Electric Car is created to basically switch how people engross with present-day communities and metropolitan environment. It is a smaller, plain sailing and friendlier, latest two seaters personal vehicle created by the Electric-vehicle manufacturers.

Eli Zero Electric Car is an innovative but strange-looking electric car made for smart daily activity. It marks the high-powered transportation urges of cities and towns. It provides a flexible driving solution for both metropolitan cities and residential neighborhood. This two-seater electric vehicle looks skeptically like a go-kart.

Smart Dynamic Design.

Eli Zero Electric Car looks insanely exciting to drive. The vehicles closed-packed size makes it perfect for moving around the city for a quick short ride to a gym or the grocery store. It has a top average speed of 25 miles per hr and a standard extent of 55 miles. So driving it anywhere of consequence is not approachable. Eli Zero Electric Car mileage is stated to be 350 MPGe (0.71/100 km equivalent). The CEO Marcus Li, who comes from an architecture background has developed this urban friendly car for short trips.

The Eli Zero Electric Car is priced at $10,900. The Vehicle’s base model discloses a standard extent of 55 miles under a bosted driving state (89km). While the greater accumulator version is considerable for 85 miles (137 km). In connection with the battery, it is a Samsung lithium pack that can be charged from a well-ordered outlet for 6 hrs. It can also be charged in 4.5 hrs using a standard J1772 plug from a level-2 charging station.

Eli Zero Electric Car comes with a lightweight-tensile metallic frame with doors made out from a single sheet of thermoplastic-supported tempered glass. this results in a limit weight of even-handed 877 1b (398 kg) base model, and 905 1b (410kg) for the plus. This apparently acts as a vehicle management system and helps with the cars battery extent. And also maximizes power-efficiency, ahead with a set-up that recuperates power while braking.

Eli Zero Electric Car includes some characteristic features of electromagnetic brakes, sunroof which is tilt-able, a central multi-purpose dial on the dash, and an anti-theft motor locking system. The vehicle has an automatic unlocking system that detects the driver while approaching and unlocks the door.


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