Fire TV Cube -An Alexa-Powered Media Center

It’s time start to reimagining TV, introducing Fire TV Cube the first all in one streaming media player with hands-free Alexa built-in.

Now its easy to turn on the TV just by asking. This TV Cube can hear you from across the room. and with the android technology, it’s easier to control your entertainment hands-free. You can control your TV, Sound System, Cable Box and more. Plus Fire TV Cube is always getting smarter. So now its easier to get more out of the biggest screen in your house. Even when your TV is off Alexa is ready to help. And of course, you can still enjoy all the content you love. It comes with Vivid 4k Ultra HD Streaming, HDR and Dolby Atmos.

Fire TV Cube is the foremost hands-free streaming gadgetry player with Alexa, carrying a compact amusement exposure. You can ask Alexa to turn on the TV, play what you want to view and dim the lights. The Fire TV Cube is kind of an Apple TV.

You can play movies, shows, live streaming from apps like Netflix, HBO Go, Hulu, and obviously,  Amazon Prime Video.

Since the Fire TV Cube incorporates Alexa, so anything doable on the Echo can be done with this, too.and by utilizing its eight incompatible microphones, it’s not needed to hold down a button on a remote.

Hands-Free TV

As the Fire TV Cube is linked up to your TV, the Cube will add visuals based on your requests. so alternatively of just a voice frontier, you’ll get videos and graphics too.
The Cube also assists the more recent CDC (via HDMI) technology. so the Cube can boost up your TV, sound system and even cable box if you want it to.
Using the Fire TV Cube’s solid cable combination, you can also use it to turn on a definite channel or watch a certain show. and it will help search through your services and live TV provider to find the content you’re looking for. This box is priced at $119.99, when, compared to the $69.99 Fire TV, and $199 Apple TV, is extremely reasonable.


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