Ever Cam

Eufy EVERCAM the first of its kind, Home Security System.

Introducing Eufy EVERCAM the first of its kind, Home Security System that gives you everything you want with none of the hassles. Nearly all security cameras need to be plugged into power capacity in order to operate, whereas on the other hand few cameras are made to do with batteries. Every camera available in the market today need a recharge for almost every month but EVERCAM has a solution to this. No need for wires and no need to deal with frequent battery changes; it comes with 365 days of battery life parted with ANKER with their most advanced battery technology inside the EVERCAM, and uses a low frequent transmission signal to stay connected on standby mode saving energy by up to 70%.

EVERCAM will keep on working for up to a year without needing to be recharged. It comes with an adjustable ball-shaped mount; it can be positioned and repositioned- 100% rotation in all directions. You can use either of the single screws mounting bases as it is easy to install it or skip the mounting hardware and use magnet 1080P HD camera plus night vision which sticks to all metal surfaces. Eufy EVERCAM can stay in temperature and moist changes it is IP66 Weather Proof, so you can really put it just about anywhere it has an operating temperature of -4F to 122F. EVERCAM is motion triggered and Wi-Fi connection. It sends you a notification when someone’s at the door or even when someone’s on the sofa. The Artificial Intelligence uses a 3-phase system to ensure you see what you want to see and ignore what you don’t. It is able to screen out movement that doesn’t have a heat signature, using infrared motion detection. EVERCAM detects human body shape in various positions and the facial recognition technology allows evercam to recognize faces of people you want to get clearance too. Up to 95% of the false alerts are reduced by EVERCAM. It is the first of its kind that comes with a two-way audio and a DD card into a home-based security system that stores up to 60 days of photage locally. No need to go to the cloud and no up charges or monthly contracts. This is an amazing system ready to go out of the box easy to set up by you without compromising security. Eufy EVERCAM gets better by the day there is a number of other features like ANTI-THEFT ALARM, Backup Battery, Multi-Cam Accesses, Quick Changing, Wide Angle, 33f+ night vision, bank-grade encryption.





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