Meet the All-New Android Smart Mirror AppEmbrace smart mirror

Embrace smart mirror, It is a large wall-fitted Android touch Screen in the form of a full-sized mirror. When it’s off, it’s just an elegant mirror, when it’s on, it’s a high definition splash proof full featured android device that you can control Voice, Gesture, and Touch, it even has an emergent sensor and a webcam, with access to calendar, news, weather, Notifications and much more, that can improve your day by giving you a notice of what’s scheduled ahead.

All new, completely unseen Android Smart Mirror, for Smart Homes

The Smart Mirror is a simple, unsophisticated consumer ready smart android mirror, with the potential to be positioned as a device for smart home control and applications related to residential. It’s a well-suited home automation system that controls Lights, Speakers, Locks, Sensors and many more.


The Smart Mirror- Crowd Pleaser Embrace Smart Mirror

Smart Mirror is a footling gadget. At some point, it’s a boaster, but in the end, it’s just another gadget that tells you the weather. However apart from this, even kids these days use it to play games or watch YouTube videos.  This device working with Google Assistant and Google Home helps you to video chat and Skype with family and friends and also lets you send 100% hands-free emails with your voice and allows you to take Selfies.



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