These Are The Drones Of The Future

DJI Mavic Air 
Drones Of The Future 2018

Mavic Air is a smaller and lighter version of the $999 Mavic Pro released in 2016. Mavic Air Drone of the future 2018 comes with a camera that has 32-megapixel panorama shot which is mounted on a three-way gimbal and captures up to 4k videos. Mavic Air allows you to experience a 21-minute flight time.

The DJI Mavic Air drone is similar to DJI’S Spark $499 launched in 2016 and comes in red, black and white. The best part is that, Mavic Air is a foldable drone, can fold its arms to be easily packed in backpacks and comes with gesture control and also has obstacle-avoiding sensors. Mavic Air stands somewhere between Spark and Mavic Pro and shares the best blending features of both foldable Mavic Pro and Ultra –Portable Spark. The Mavic Air drone features a ½.3inch camera with CMOS Sensors and a3-axisgimbal with 24mm f/2.8 wide angle lens. The camera can capture 4K footage with full HD at 120fps and 13-megapixel camera clarity.

Skydio R1Drones Of The Future 2018

The Self flying autonomous Camera Drone

Skydio Company is taking a step forward towards the prospects of autonomous drones, with the introduction of R1 a fully autonomous flying camera drone that validates a new type of visual storyteller. By simply swiping up in the Skydio app, Skydio R1 can be launched in the simplest way just as opening an app and once it is launched it is all set to follow you.  Skydio R1 is used hands-free and once in the air it begins documenting your ride in a professional way. The Skydio R1 Drone uses computer vision instead of phone or a beacon to better understand what the user is doing and letting the user focus on the adventure knowing what will happen next and what obstacles to avoid.

Skydio R1 is designed with no end in sight unique cinematic modes to capture stunning footage. It is easy and intuitive to use, by just tapping the person you want to follow Skydio R1 immediately begins to film you or a friend. You can drag the sliders adjust and zoom the height to get a perfect shareable clip of your adventure as soon as it lands, with an audio that is synchronized and recorded from your phone.

Hover Camera Passport Drones Of The Future 2018

Lightweight Self-Flying Drone

As drones sustain to grow in marketability and popularity, the Hover Camera Passport which is Ultra Portable became obtainable from Apple’s Website and in Apple retail stores in the United States, Canada, China, Hong Kong, and U.K. It is a light Weight unique drone-style camera from Zero-Zero Robotics.

The Hover Camera Passport is a concept of the future-generation self-ruling selfies stick that’s able to capture 100% hands free photo and follow you around wherever you go. It’s made of a foldable carbon fiber material in the form of a lightweight (242 grams), and packs down small so that it can go anywhere and also has a built in face and body tracker so that it knows who to follow. Hover Drone tracks a user that’s running, walking, biking or engaged in a particular physical activity and travels up to 17 miles per hour and can hover for 10 minutes up to 65 feet away. The Hover Camera Passport Drone is constructed with a 13-megapixel camera which can capture up to 4k videos and can also capture 360 degrees of panoramic vide. The Hover Camera iOS app controls the Hover Camera Passport which provides features like multiple flight modes, quick social sharing, real-time video feed, picture taking and auto follow features. It is being offered up to $499 at Apple stores, consisting of a flying camera, a charger, two batteries an adapter and an easy carry bag.

Parrot Disco FPV Drones Of The Future 2018

Smart Flying Wing `Drone

Introducing the all-new extraordinary Parrot Disco FPV drone that creates an unprecedented flight experience. The Parrot Disco FPV drone features a front-nose 1080p camera with 32GB internal memory and 3-axis digital stabilization and maintains a speed up to 50mph (80km/h) (43knots) and a long lasting battery life up to 45 minutes. With the Parrot Cockpit glasses you can see the world around you from a new angle. The Parrot Sky controller 2, which is lightweight compact and ultra-precise helps you complete the piloting experience. Parrot Disco FPV is the first smart flying wing to reach an intense 49.71 miles per hour. Parrot Disco FPV an aerodynamic design can easily glide, fly and spin through the air. Parrot Disco FPV is designed to fly up through the air like a plane with its elegant look, fixed wings, light carbon and expanded polypropylene body.

With Parrot Cockpit glasses you can discover a thrilling first person view. Parrot Disco FPV lets you capture the world from a high angle view with full HD 1080p recording and streaming, it travels with a max speed of 50 mph and a max and a max flight time of 45 minutes and also includes FPV goggles.

Power DolphinDrones Of The Future 2018

Movable Fishing Drone

Power Visions forward thinking design team have created a way-point mapping underwater swimming drone The Power Dolphin with 4k HD Camera and streamlined appearance works above and below water. Power Dolphin is an automatic anti—over turn design which redefines the fishing gear. Power dolphin Drone consists of a newly designed fishing bait container that can accurately release bait. Instead of the traditional fishing rod, power dolphin uses a new way of fishing by dragging the line behind you, allowing you to tow back catching from the safety of the shoreline or the boat. Its power seeker fish finder system has improved the fish finder method. It has 3 different speed levels and is not only used for fishing but also marine search and rescue.

The Power Dolphin Water Drone can safely deliver and release the life jackets and other life saving devices using the remote control function. It is operated using the included controller or your very own smart phone, both of these formats have a built-in one-touch return to home. It helps in generating a topographic map or the most complex underwater environments including ocean floor, using its smart sonar system. Power Visions Power Dolphin can reach speed of up to 16 feet and has a 215 wide viewing angle that helps look below and above the water. Power Dolphin Drone is another great step forward in the world of remote controlled Marine Vehicles.

LILY Camera DroneDrones Of The Future 2018

Lily Camera, Next-Gen Drone is a smart Hover W/4k camera with 1080p and acts as automatic stabilizer. It comes with 16GB built-in fast memory with 13mp camera and has a QUALCOMM Quichcharger Charger. It is simple and intuitive to use and does not require any setup, only one touch away to rise high in the air, Lily Camera Drone that uncomplicated and simple. You can focus on your activity while Lily follows you to capture your adventure. Lily Drone comprises of optics that are acute and finely tuned to capture remarkable pictures from the skies. Lily is built with intelligibility in mind. Take off and Landing and Smart Technology is made easy just by one-touch. Lily is Ultra-Portable and can be taken anywhere as it has fold able legs and blades. Lily is designed smartly to fit in any backpack and can also handle high winds while flying.

Lily Next-Gen is a crowd pleaser and simple camera drone. It characterizes class-leading flight time and photography in the air up to 18 minutes. It weighs only 14.6 ounces and can be flown up to half a mile away.

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