Did Dragons Really Exist?

Let’s picture what it would be like if dragons actually did exist. Not beasts that just look a bit like dragons. but real flying and fire-breathing dragons. When picturing these gigantic creatures, people have always taken their cue from real life.

There are tales of gigantic and horrible dragons in the mythology and folklore of countries all over the world. They were pictured as huge, snake-like monsters frightful to behold. They had bulging eyes. their nostrils spouted flames.  The roar of these massive beasts was so monstrous they caused the earth to tremor.

Legends Of The Dragons Dragons

One of the most famous of these gigantic creatures was the Hydra.

It had nine heads! It guzzled down many beautiful young girls before it was slaughtered by Hercules. Another famous dragon was the Chimera.

Chimera was a Fire-Breathing beast that met its end at the hands of a young warrior, Bellerophon, who was accompanied by his winged stallion, Pegasus.

These gigantic creatures were generally assumed to be guarding great valuable objects or treasures. The Golden Fleece was shielded by a dragon with a hundred eyes! In other instances, great warriors always fought battles in the company of massive dragons.

Although these huge beasts like creatures usually represent the spirit of evil, it has also been used as a symbol of protection. The initial combatants painted ferocious dragons on their shields to strike terror to the enemies.

At a certain point, people to all intents did believe that dragons did exist. For example, before the time of Columbus, sailors used to be afraid to venture into unknown seas because they believed that these huge beasts would swallow up the ships and men.

Certainly, dragons never existed except in folktales, myths, legends and oral history. Then why did the belief of them rise? In ancient times, an appreciable amount of ginormous reptiles wandered the earth. The most terrifying of these beasts, the dinosaur, lived long before man appeared on the earth. during the time of the caveman, it is possible that some reptiles of great size still survived. and from this came the legends of the dragons.



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