Robotic Dragon Fire Fighter hose

While hose-carrying drones may be an invention. hose-driven or robotic Dragon Fire Fighter hose are very much real.

This peculiar but prospectively functional robot from Japanese experimenters could crawl into the windows of burning buildings. blowing up everything around it with the robust jets of water it uses to move.

Yes Dragon Fire Fighter hose, are very much real. It is designed by Hachinohe College and Tohoku University.

It was introduced at the International Conference on Robotics and Automation last month.

Dragon Fire Fighter hose Flies on Jets of Water

This functional robot works on the same concept your pipe does when you turn it on. it starts fluttering around everywhere.

Fundamentally your hose (pipe) is acting as a uncomplicated jet. the force of the water being discharged out pushes the hose itself in the opposite direction.

So what if the hose had a number of nozzles, aiming in several various directions, that can be opened and closed distinctly?

The Dragon Fire Fighter hose has a spout-covered sort of “head” . The force of the water from the pipe is redirected into several outlets. and in accordance with the creation of a fixed position that can be altered more or less at will.human intervention is needed to go forwards

Dragon Fire Fighter was also introduced in Tokyo, at the International Fire and Disaster Prevention Exhibition.


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