Meet Daisy Apples iPhone Recycling Robot, which can recover more of the valuable material sorted in old devices.

Recycling iPhones is a messy business, the handsets are notoriously difficult to take apart, which means recycling them for parts can easily turn into a time-consuming headache. But all of this can just be made simple without any hassle using Daisy Apples iPhone Recycling Robot. This new recycling robot which Apple’s says it can tare apart unwanted iPhones much more efficiently than a human. Daisy Appels iPhone Recycling Robot which Apple says can take separate up to 200 iPhones devices per hour and is able to separate various internal components of an iPhone and sort them easier to access. Using this method Apple says they’re able to recycle a greater volume of material. For the very first time, Apple has become a particular kind of robot for different recycling work.Apple launched Liam in 2016 a huge robot, but Liam was an experimental project designed only for the iPhone 6, Daisy, on the other hand, is able to take apart 9 different models of iPhone recovering high-quality materials that other recycles machines cant, so it could end up having a greater impact than Liam.

Daisy Apples iPhone Recycling Robot can disassemble iPhones and prepare them for Apple's Daisy Robotrecycling more efficiently and faster than the previous models. This announcement was made as a part of the series new environmental friendly announcements the company made to coincide with Earth Day. Apple also announced a new give back program for making donations to conservation international for each recycled or a new Apple. These efforts lead to positive change, detailed in Apples Environment Report 2018. Showing these ways Apple is reducing its impact on climate change, conserving precious resources and driving energy efficiency.


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