Boston Dynamics Atlas

Atlas is the most recent in the line of next level humanoid robots that are being developed by Boston Dynamics. Boston Dynamics Atlas executes Two-Handed Mobile Manipulation, using stability and whole-body competency.

The control system of Atlas synchronizes movements of the arms, legs and torso to significantly expand its outreach and work space in order to attain Whole-body Mobile Manipulation .

 Atlas’ capability to stabilize while carrying out tasks enables it to work in a substantial volume while engaging only a small footprint.

Boston Dynamics Atlas is hydraulic activated and comes with Li DAR and Stereo Vision and has about 28 joints. It weighs about 75 Kg and is 1.5 m in height and comes with high powered battery.

Boston Dynamics Atlas machinery saves wight and space using the benefits of 3D printing, evolving as an exceptional compact robot with elevated power-to-force-ratio and a remarkable large work space.

Solid vision, extended sensing and other sensors enables Atlas to handle items in its nature and to journey on irregular land. Atlas maintains its steadiness when hustled or pushed and can arise when in a sloping position.

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