Boosted Board – Mini s, New Classic Plus and Stealth.

Boosted Board

Boosted, an American established automobile company has launched 3rd Generation Electric Skateboard Models. The line starts at $749 and can reach as high as $1599 based on their speciality and high ranking quality. Boosteds Board is the most exemplary electric last-mile transportation device. These orange wheeled boards are the newest, smaller and affordable 3rd generation electric boards and are also probably most mesmeric. This new line of 3rd generation electric skateboards is composed of Boosted Mini s, Boosted Plus and Boosted Stealth. Boosteds Board models characterise its hallmark staging, vehicle-brand quality, safety and also comes with an expanded longevity and smoother ride for people.all BoostedS boards are now available at

Small and Mighty- Boosted Mini S

The Mini s Electric Skateboard is said to provide level-headed ability at a remarkable lower price at an extreme than the rest of the boards. The boosted small and mighty Mini s is a 29.5 inch Deep Dish Composite Deck long model board that provides a top average speed of 18 mph at a standard extent of 7 miles. Its an inexpensive model at $749.

The New classic- Boosted Plus

The next model in the lineup is indeed the modernized new classic electric longboard. It features significant speed, distance and durability and is priced at $1,399 for all its good quality. It is a super flex composite deck that offers a top speed of 22 mph for an extended standard range of 14 miles.

Pinnacle of Performance- Boosted Stealth

It is the top-notch model that offers high geared performance. Boosted Stealth is high-priced at $1,599, but is the ultimate super flex composite deck vehicle, offering a top speed of 24 mph and increased battery charge of up to 14 miles on a single charge.Boosted Board





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