20 Amazing Benefits of Dates.Benefits of Dates

Date is a flowering plant that belongs to the “Palm Family”, fertilized for its wholesome sweet fruit. This fruit presumably emanated from the “Fertile Crescent” region mounting between Egypt and Mesopotamia. They’re originally natives to the Middle East and for over a period have been a part of the regions cuisine. Dates typically grow on trees called “date palms” in large clusters like bunch of grapes that hang higher than 15 feet off the ground and reach about 21-23 meters, growing individually or creating a bunch of several stems from a single root system. We can just buy them at the store without having to climb up the tree and grab them. These are the following 20 amazing benefits of dates.

Benefits Of Eating Dates:

  1. Rich in Fiber, Vitamins, and Minerals

    Dates are full of Nutritional Value. They’re a constant source of diverse vitamins and minerals. Dates contain essential minerals and vitamins such as Iron, Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin A and Vitamin k, Potassium and Magnesium. It is also a good cause of energy, sugar, and fiber. Dates are sweet at a very base level.

  2. Treat Diabetes

    According to experts the high fiber content of dates can treat the case of diabetes. A daily consumption of 2-3 dates, alongside with active exercise can help a diabetic patient to maintain healthy eating habits.

  3. Health Benefits

    According to some health experts, eating one date at the start of the day will help maintain a balanced and healthy diet as it includes numerous benefits and is a nutrient-dense fruit.

  4. Improves Muscle Development

    Consuming dates in several ways such as adding the date paste with milk and yogurt or as a bread spread which in turn acts as a healthy breakfast, and benefits both adults and children during the crucial time of recovery from illness or injury.

  5. Treats abdominal cancer

    Some modern medical experts have now accepted that dates are useful in preventing abdominal cancer. The significant amounts of potassium available in dates and its high nutritional value make the nervous system healthier and stronger. An intake of 20-35 grams of dates per day is recommended by the American Cancer Society as a very good amount of dietary fiber is supplied through dates.

  6. Strengthens Bones

    The exceptional amount of compounds found in dates make them a food which is low in calories that is good for strengthening bones and treating off excruciating and painful diseases like loss of tissue in bones or osteoporosis. In order to maintain a healthy bone development, our body requires some amounts of manganese, copper, selenium, and magnesium all of which is present in this amazingly beneficial fruit and is especially very good for older people as their bines tend to gradually weaken.

  7. Relief from Constipation

    Dates are often classified as a laxative food, for this reason why dates are regularly eaten by people suffering from constipation. By soaking some dates in water overnight which turns those into syrup and consuming it in the morning will help achieve the required laxative effects of dates. Dates have some top-levels of soluble fiber, which is vital in developing healthy colon movements and easy passage of food through the intestinal extent, which can mitigate indications of constipation.

  8. Provides remedies to treat Intestinal Disorders

    Many kinds of intestinal disorders are cured through the helpful nicotine content present in dates. Constant consumption of dates hinders the growth of diseased organisms and thus restoratives growth of friendly bacteria in intestines.

  9. Prevents Anemia

    With high mineral content present in them dates do provide a great number of advantages for many conflicting health conditions and also their imposing levels of iron make them a consummate dietary sequel for people suffering from anemia. The energy level is increased in anemic patients through the high levels of iron present in dates and also helps to reduce the feelings of tiredness and inactiveness.

  10. Benefits of Skin and Hair loss

    The Vitamins C and D available in dates help improve the elasticity of your skin. Conflicting Skin Issues can be treated by subsuming dates into your diet. Dates act as an anti-aging food; they avert the building-up of melanin in your body. Dates are equally effectual when it comes to the ease of hair it stimulates blood circulation to the scalp and boosts hair growth as it is rich in iron. It eventually stops hair loss and promotes new hair growth.

  11. Immensely helpful during pregnancyBenifits of dates

    Dates during pregnancy help expecting mothers through their calories present in them. Almost about 300 calories are much required by pregnant women during pregnancy. Dates can be immensely helpful to pregnant women, as these fruits are high in calories and they are extremely nutrient-concentrated dry fruit. Pregnancy hemorrhoids can be prevented through the fibers present in dates and also strengthens the muscles of the uterus.

  12. Night Blindness Treated

    The benefits of dates are substantial and are frequently engaged to stop diverse conditions affecting the ear, nose, and throat. By applying the leaves of the date palm around the eyes or even when they are ingested orally it reduces the rate of night blindness, this method is normally used in rural areas.

  13. Reduces Intoxication

    Dates are often used as a medication for alcoholic insobriety. They act as speedy relief factor and reduce intoxication.

  14. Helps in controlling diarrhea

    Ripe dates comprises some amount of potassium it is used as a constructive way of restraining diarrhea. The incalculable nature of chronic diarrhea is also diminished with the help of ripped dates as they are easy to digest. Diarrhea can be easily relived with the help of the soluble fiber present in dates.

  15. Keeps your heart healthy

    Soaking dates overnight and consuming them in the morning results in an affirmative effect on the weak heart. Dates are quite beneficial in keeping your heart healthy. They are also an affluent source of potassium in dates that help reduce the high chances of heart stroke and other heart associated problems. Furthermore, they are recommended as a fighting fit and appetizing way to minimize the levels of LDL Cholesterol in the body which is a crucial element of heart attacks and strokes. Dates can sternly improve the comprehensive health of the heart.

  16. Cure Allergies

    One of the most interesting facts of dates is the existence of live sulfur in them. This is a very rare element to be found in food. Seasonal Allergic Rhinitis can be treated with a positive amount of organic sulfur compounds.

  17. Acts as an Energy Booster

    Dates are rich in natural sugar like fructose, sucrose, and glucose. They act as the best snack for an instant boost of energy. It is consumed by many people around the world as an afternoon snack. Chewing few dates helps you recover your energy instantly.

  18. Treat Sexual Disorders

    Some experts have proven through studies have proven through their studies that dates are even advantageous for improving sexual stamina.

  19. Keeps Nervous System Healthy

    The vitamins and minerals present in dates make them a perfect nerve stimulator. They are a marvelous food source for aged people and for people who want to keep their mind sharp as dates contain one of the dominant ingredients in them which is potassium that acts as a supreme component in promoting a hearty and responsible nervous system.

  20. Reasons to Eat DatesBenefits of Dates

    • Nutritional Content of Dates promote Health Benefits
    • Acts as a remedy for a hangover. It quickly helps in sobering up.
    • Promotes healthy eating and helps in weight management and encompasses long-term lifestyle strategies.
    • About 32% of Dietary Fiber and 25% of carbohydrates are present dates which in turn acts as a primary element to reduce the high risk of stroke and other health-related diseases.
    • It comes with 14% of calories and 5% of protein that helps in healthy intestine movements and also helps in controlling diarrhea
    • It reduces blood pressure and promotes respiratory and digestive health.



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